Hope Groups

You may find yourself struggling with temptation or stuck in a trial that is difficult to get out of on your own. Or maybe you know someone in that kind of situation. Perhaps you need someone to talk or relate to; someone who has been through what you are going through... It often gives hope to see someone else work through their circumstances in a healthy way...

No matter the details or difficulty of your circumstance, Hope Groups will teach you to work through the suffering in a manner that both glorifies God and helps you overcome your situation.

Hope Groups are designed to help people, no matter the struggle, stage of life, or circumstance. We recognize that life can throw you curve balls and leave you suffering as a result. Suffering may come as a result of:

  • A sin you committed or sin pattern you are stuck in (habitual sin)
  • A sin someone else committed against you that has left you hurting (suffering an enduring trial)
  • Struggles that are not a result of sin but a result of a fallen world
  • Struggling to understand your identity in Christ

Hope Groups have two main goals:

  • Help you understand how to lean into your faith and relationship with Christ to overcome your circumstances.
  • Help you learn how to respond in a godly way to life's troubles as they come at you.

    We have selected some our most devoted and caring leaders here at Harvest to teach, encourage, and care for you. 

    Curriculum Overview:

    The curriculum has three primary goals: 1) Evaluate our understanding of who God is and who we are. 2) Clarify what hope in God looks like amidst our circumstances; and 3) Provide practical help for dealing with trials brought on as a consequence of our sin or as a trial of suffering in a fallen world. 

Groups start September 11 through December 11 from 7-9 PM. For more information, call the church office (708) 925-9296.