Uncommon Leadership Training Day

Uncommon Leadership Training Day

Saturday, October 21, 2017, 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Choose one track and join us for the day of becoming a better leader!

Lunch is included. Childcare up to 12 years old is available. Cost is $10 per child, this cost includes their lunch.

Uncommon Leadership 201
Uncommon Leadership 101 focused on how you lead. 201 focuses on why you lead. Learn how your leadership flows from the authority of God's Word, the power of your identity in Christ, and the process of change in uncommon community. You do not have to take Uncommon Leadership 101 before you take 201. Cost is $15.

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Evangelism 101
Assess and commit to raising your evangelism "temperature" one degree, and watch God grow our church in sharing the good news of Jesus with boldness. Cost is $10.

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Biblical Soul Care 2 & Biblical Soul Care 4
Sign up for either the 2nd track (videos 5-8) or finish the training in the 4th track (videos 15-18). These tracks are for those who have already taken Biblical Soul Care 1 (first 4 videos), or who are finishing the training in Biblical Soul Care 4. Cost is $5 for lunch.

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